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Company Profile

California Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (CCS) was founded in 1983, with the goal of becoming the single-source, statewide provider of comprehensive HVAC installation services, maintenance, repair and replacement of HVAC systems for commercial and industrial customers. Today, CCS is part of a nationwide network of contractors with over 90 locations and $1.5 Billion of annual revenue.
Our Company’s commercial and industrial applications include office buildings, retail centers, apartment complexes, hotels, manufacturing plants and government facilities. CCS also provides specialized HVAC applications such as process cooling, process piping and energy management services. Over 90% of Company revenue comes from the commercial and industrial sectors, with approximately half attributed to installation services and half to maintenance, repair and replacement services.
With respect to installation services, our Company specializes in Design-Build projects whereby we are responsible for designing, engineering, and installing cost-effective, energy-efficient systems, customized to meet the specific needs of the facility owner. Given that energy is often the largest cost for a property owner or facility manager, CCS is focused on creating solutions that will deliver tangible, bottom-line results for our customers. An extension of the installation process is CCS’s ability to provide vendor-neutral, energy master planning, engineering and installation services.
Additionally, many of our customers have begun to outsource their maintenance requirements. This includes those required for HVAC systems. CCS is in a strong position to assist our customers by providing technical oversight or by providing services to perform the entire HVAC maintenance function, depending on our customer’s respective needs. Such arrangements often result in significant customer savings by incorporating “Best Practice” solutions offered by experienced and knowledgeable CCS representatives. In other cases, customers have elected to outsource their HVAC maintenance requirements, allowing them to deploy valuable personnel into their core operations.
CCS has significant capabilities in HVAC system maintenance, repair and replacement services. Our service network provides statewide coverage of around the clock dispatch, consolidated reporting and consistent quality. With our network of statewide resources, CCS is in a position to assist customers with large scale and/or multi-location and multi-scope projects. Our company already serves a large number of customers across geographical regions. These customers are able to take advantage of a single-source, multi-disciplined contractor which provides an array of services including installation, replacement, preventive maintenance and repair of these systems. CCS has long standing experience with equipment from each of the major HVAC system manufacturers, which in turn, coupled with our in-house engineering expertise, allows us to design the “Best Fit” solution for our respective customer.  
CCS also offers a financing program that allows customers to obtain needed HVAC equipment and upgrades, without tying up working capital or credit lines. CCS’s financing covers both soft and hard costs and allows customers to finance an entire improvement as opposed to financing each piece of equipment vendor by vendor.