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9th & Broadway

9th & Broadway

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Market: Multi-Unit Residential
Location: San Diego, CA


The most challenging aspect of this project came down to logistics. As with any project that is constructed in a major metropolitan area, the   logistics of being able to efficiently deliver all the equipment and material is crucial to the success of the project. With the footprint of the building almost as large as the site itself, 9th & Broadway was no exception. That being said, California Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (CCS) was ready to face these challenges.


The California Comfort Systems Team:

  • Coordinated with other trades by discussing deliveries at weekly Forman meetings  and utilized a highly coordinated delivery board.
  • Ensured all vendors understood delivery times, were provided with correct tracking information and had proper equipment, material and vehicles.
  • Administered a coordinated task plan, used by both the Foreman and workers to ensure safe handling of equipment and materials.

A Closer Look

9th and Broadway is BRIDGE Housing Corporation’s 17-story high-rise tower located at the southeast corner of 9th Avenue and Broadway. The project was underwritten, financed and approved by the former Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego. The development is a construction project that once completed, will provide 250 affordable rental units and will include 88 supportive housing units (35% of the total) for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless with 25 of the 88 units specifically targeted for adults and youth with mental illness.

The 250 unit, 17-story development will be “vertically subdivided” and structured into two separate projects with separate legal ownership and separate project financing.

California Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (CCS) was awarded this project in June 2013 and completed it in March 2015.

The success of this project stemmed from the consistently strong support of CCS management and field managers. This team effort also relied heavily on each of its member to build and complete this project. Leadership was displayed when it came to tackling project challenges and CCS did not settle for incomplete solutions at any stage of the job.

In order to build client-owner confidence, CCS went the extra mile and looked at numerous potential solutions in order to present the best possible option.