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CP Kelco

CP Kelco

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Market: Industrial
Location: San Diego, CA


California Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (CCS) was responsible for constructing an elevated switch house for CP Kelco. This was particularly challenging because this project was to be built as it was being designed. This switch house was required for a scheduled shutdown that was ordered by CP Kelco’s Electrical Contractor. CCS only had five weeks to complete this project in order to meet the customer’s needs. This time constraint resulted in a fast paced project, especially for a scheduled shutdown. CCS was ready to face this challenge. 


The California Comfort Systems Team:

  • Purchased raw steel members
  • Fabricated and erected structural steel, including concrete footings, on-site
  • Took necessary steps to ensure the job was completed within specifications and on schedule.

A Closer Look

CCS engaged in this project due to the fact that they were in-plant and able to bid on multiple projects. The scope of the project was a Plan and Spec job that included fabricating and constructing structural steel for an elevated switch house. It also contained the additional dimension of construction that had to be completed in conjunction with the design of the project. With that, the high demanding time constraint imposed by CP Kelco played a role in the way the project was completed. This $250,000 project was completed in June 2015 by the Industrial Division of CCS.

CCS solved the problem of limited time by realizing on-site fabrication was the optimal course of action. The project exemplified CCS’s dexterity in handling fast-paced, demanding projects.

Through careful oversight and attention to detail from field management and each member of the team, each aspect of the project was completed punctually and in accordance with the terms of the contract. This project resulted in a win for CCS due to the team’s uncompromising dedication, excellent execution in the field and ability to handle different site conditions.