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San Diego Women’s Detention Facility

San Diego Women’s Detention Facility

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Market: Institutional
Location: Santee, CA


The San Diego County Woman’s Detention Facility is a 60 acre campus with 26 buildings designed to house 1,216 prisoners. The facility was built to be completely self-sufficient with three boilers producing 2M BTU’s of heated water and three chillers proving 1,200 tons of chilled water running underground through a four pipe system loop throughout the 60 acres. However, due to the scale, location and scope of the project, California Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (CCS) faced difficulties when it came to finding contractors willing to take on the project. Various issues arose, including the contract timeline and the value of the project. CCS was ready to face these challenges. 


The California Comfort Systems Team:

  • Provided a team of professional staff.
  • Assembled laborers that possessed the competency and necessary skills required for such a job.
  • Took necessary steps to ensure the job continued on track to be completed within budget and on schedule.

A Closer Look

The Detention Facility includes a central plant/facilities, medical/psychiatric facilities, a kitchen, housing, laundry, a worship center, a greenhouse and an open air amphitheater. The entire mechanical system is run remotely from a central plant engineering office through the Building Management System. In addition, each housing unit has its own solar panel system which provides domestic hot water faucets and showers.

CCS worked closely with the general contractor Balfour Beatty Construction on the San Diego Woman’s Detention Facility beginning in September 2012.

The San Diego Women’s Detention Facility project has seen considerable success due to the careful planning put in place during the infant stages of production. This $34M project is scheduled to be completed at the end of the month in December 2015.